Here Are The Most Badass Female Spies In History

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ai???Being a mother and a spy can also be an advantage because it enables you to connect with a whole range of people from terrorists to political leaders. ai???Iai??i??m less of a threat than a single female,ai??i?? . ai???They, the terrorist, have mothers, sisters, Says MI6 female spy who recently shares her views as being a women spy She also added on the life of spy showing in films of James bond ai???life at MI6 is far from the glamorous world depicted in James Bond films. SIS is a lot more responsible and it is a lot more connected to the rest of government. It is a lot more about teamwork and not just Bond talks to Q and gets
Let us take you the real world of female spies which is far more beyond than our imagination !


Ai?? 1.Ai??Noor Inayat Khan termed as a ai???very dangerous prisonerai??i??

Nora Baker was her name when she was captivated by German captors, They had virtually starved her, keeping her on a diet of potato peel soup, struck her frail body with blows and subjected her again and again for the names of her colleagues and her security checks, She had said nothing, they classified her as a very dangerous prisoner, all these things were happening while interrogating.

Before entered into espionage world she was living a simple life, her career focused on writing poetry and children stories and Noor was born from Indian Muslim father and an American mother lived in France. That was the time of world war 2nd when She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and trained as a wireless operator, and was eventually recruited into the F (France) Section of the Special Operations Executive. Although some of her superiors thought she was too soft and gentle to work as a spy, Khan travel to Nazi-occupied Paris, and, after the arrests of several other operators, was, for a time, the only wireless operator still working in Paris, transmitting messages back to London.Ai??she made a terrible mistake: she copied the messages she had sent into her notebooks, which the Germans discovered.

Mata Hari a very famous name in theAi??world of sleuths she was more than the spy and more than the fighter!

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