Why Indians Reject Arranged Marriage Proposal, Here Are The Most Weirdest Answers !

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Indian marriages are full of drama and emotions whether it is the first intro of Groom and Bride to each other and whether are the rituals, every occasion has its own story but which kind of incident will become legend for whole life –  when you have to face rejection for being dark skin or having birthmark on your body which may not suit your future partner, or  serving samosa or sharbat instead of tea, sometimes land you in trouble. Here we are explaining most weirdest reasons to reject Bride/Groom by sharing their real life experiences via Quora

1.Parth Walikhindi

Parth explained three incidents which shows the strange mindset of people while rejecting the groom or bride

Incident 1:

My aunt was getting married in the ’90s. She chose a guy, they met, talked and it was fixed. After the engagement there was a puja ceremony where he had to sit without a shirt, wearing a dhoti. That time my aunt saw a small black birthmark on his back. Immediately, after the ceremony she broke the engagement and married another guy.

Incident 2 :

My brother-in-law was rejected by three girls before meeting my sister. One of the three was in the same profession as him. She rejected him because she was at the time earning ₹20,000 more than him.

Incident 3:

One of my friends rejected 90 girls for various reasons. Yes, you read it right. “90 girls”. This is a guy who smokes, drinks and has had pre-marital sexual affairs (not that I’m judging) with girlfriends as well as sex workers. Just because he was fair-skinned, good looking and a Brahmin and wanted a “CLEAN INNOCENT GIRL”.

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