These Paranormal Games Are Not For Faint Hearted People!

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Have you ever experienced one of these creepy moments whichAi??are mention below? if not yet then make yourself ready for that journey which takes you to the another world with the help of some creepy tricks. while reading elevator game you may remind the scene from Ekta Kapoor’s film Ek Thi Dayan provided that if you have seen this movie, but if not then don’t worry it is quite spooky alone !

1. Three Kings Cross

First of all, you need to find a room where no light can enter then around midnight go there with candles, two mirrors preferably large ones, three chairs and any memorable object from your childhood and arrange them properly. After when you have done, leave the door open and come to your bedroom. Go there after 3 o clock and check everything that the things you placed earlier is still as it is. Then when the needle of the clock stuck at the 3:33 am be seated on your chair with the lighted candle in your hand and start staring at your own reflection. After few mintutes you start realising that someone is presence and try to communicate with you.

Some people have also claimed that they felt the other person in the room was none other than their own spirit.


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