Know What People have been Claimed After Seeing Ashwatthama At Once!

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The tale of Ashwatthama’s immortality was begun after A�Krishna’s curse, in which he punished A�him for his brutal act against innocent children of Pandavas. Lord Krishna cursed him to live longer until the end of kaliyugaA�with his crucial wounds spread all over his body.
Now there are some rumors of his existence start churning even our history has also become the witness of his living when you go through the story of Prithviraj Chauhan, but there are many who gives us the proof of his roaming around forest or temples. what they explained is completely associate with his get up and his well-known wound on his forehead. so let us start with the Prithviraj Chunhan’s story!

Prithviraj Asked Him to Cure his famous scar seen on his Forehead !

When in 1192, Prithviraj Chauhan while the battle from Mohammad Gauri, he left for jungle.Where PRITHVIRAJ met an old person with a horrible scar on his head. Being a very good doctor himself(prithvirajchauhan),he asked ashwatthama that he can cure his scar.The old man agreed. But even after week long medication, it remained as it is. Prithviraj was surprised and it struck him that this old man could be Ashwathama because only the wound created by taking out the mani, could have made this incurable wound. He asked the old man if he was Ashwathama and the old man agreed and left right away.This description is given in a�?Prithviraj Rasoa�? the BOOK written in 12th century on him.

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