Know How Morari Bapu Turned Into A ‘Legendry Kathavachak’ Of Lord Rama!

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These days Ramayana or can be seen in many ways either on television or on the internet but the magic of words by a storyteller or Kathakar is still maintained. Sometimes people end up with the conclusion that what is in interesting by listening to the same tale of the same protagonist every now and then. But these Indian Chronicler’s rendition have been maintained the legacy Ved Vyas or Shukdev Ji who initially laid down the essence of storytelling.
By far the most popular tradition of narrating an oral text is Katha:Ai??a nine-day recitation of an epic by a trained Kathakar. However, there is no academy for storytelling nor is there a defined guild or lineage. Like a quintessential actor, a KathakarAi??is born, not made. And for many decades now Ramkatha or Bhagwat KathaAi??becomes synonyms with many Indian Chronicler.
Here we are highlighting major milestones of Morari Bapu’s life that made him being a Kathavachak


You can found him in his telling, he is the foremost bard of our times, bringing the story of Lord Rama in settings weird and wonderful. On 25 sep 1946, just a few months before of India’s independence Morari Bapu was born in a village of Talgajarda an area is known as “onion belt” in Gujarat, due to an export of onions and garlic all over the world. Being a well nourished by his parentsAi??Prabhudas Bapu and Savitri Ma Hariyani his inclination towards his grandparents Amrita Ma and TribhovandasAi??more than the parents. They recited passages from Ramcharitmanas to his grandson every day. His devotion towards hearing take him all over the globe and win many contests related to mythology.

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