Hiding Money In These Places Of Your Home Will Surely Helps to Increase WEALTH

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 Celebrate this Diwali by following these Totkas which helps you to learn increasing money. Sometimes by knowing simple tricks of organizing or placing things at right place bestowed positivity and wealth without going through any hard work. Here’s how you can achieve that.

How to keep money correctly in various directions

East direction

Keep your home money and locker in the East direction of your house doing so will increase your finances.

West direction

you should keep your jewelry and ancestral belongings at the west side of your home.

North direction

It is said that any almirah that opens up in the North direction should be stocked up with jewelry and cash -doing so will never make you short on cash.


If you keep your jewelry and cash in the south direction of your house, then it might not have a negative effect but it won’t have a positive effect as well. So, avoid.

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