Know About These Instructions Before Visiting Mehendipur Balaji Temple!


  Mehandipur Balaji Mandir, we are all very familiar with its rituals and deities who are worshiped by people across all over India. We are talking about the place located in the Karauli district of Rajasthan where you meet first chief lord or deity of this temple Hanuman ji or Balaji A�(meaning venerable boy) along with Pretraj and Bhairav. Basically, ...

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Here Are The Most Badass Female Spies In History


a�?Being a mother and a spy can also be an advantage because it enables you to connect with a whole range of people from terrorists to political leaders. a�?Ia��m less of a threat than a single female,a�� . a�?They, the terrorist, have mothers, sisters, daughters.a�� Says MI6 female spy who recently shares her views as being a women spy She ...

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THE VEERU EFFECT – By Major Gaurav Arya


Pakistana��s schizophrenia and the two-nation theory A� In an iconic scene from the Bollywood classic Sholay, a much inebriated, golden-hearted petty criminal Veeru climbs the village water tank and tells the crowd gathered below that unless he is married off to Basanti, the village beauty, he would jump off the water tank and commit suicide. And if he did, the ...

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Kashmir will become a second Waziristan if…. By Umar Daud Khattak


Muslims divided the Indian Sub-continent that led to the creation of Pakistan. A�They ruled over Indian Sub-continent for about 800 years before the British. There was no such demand of an independent Muslim country during those 800 years when they were ruling. During all these years, they created a new language for themselves, which they considered the first ever language ...

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8 Reasons Why Donald Trump Will Make the Best President…


It is certain that Donald Trump will be Republican Presidential Candidate as his last rival exits out of race. Many people have question about how Mr. Trump will handle presidency if he becomes President of United States. Well, let me tell you that Donald Trump posses manyA�qualities which leader must have to head the strongest nation on the earth. Virtually, ...

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Attackers Take Hostages in Dhaka, Witness says gunmen chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’


A police official has been killed in the gunfire exchange between police and criminals in Dhakaa��s Gulshan diplomatic zone where several including foreigners are being held hostage. The incident, that began around 8:45pm tonight at Holey Artisan Bakery,A�aA�Spanish restaurant, on Road 79, has caused to injuries of at least 30 people including police officials. Around midnight, Banani police Officer-in-Charge Salauddin ...

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Weak Eyesight a�� Causes and Remedies


Weak eyesight is becoming a common problem today because of lack of nutrients, unhealthy lifestyle, stressful working conditions as well as increasing pollution. Excessive strain on the eyes weaken eyes muscles and weak eye muscles cause problems in eyesight. Causes Watching TV in excess Computerized work Exposure to harmful pollutants Unhealthy lifestyle leading to problems like constipation, stress, diabetes, excessive ...

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