See How Narendra Modi is being praised by big Bollywood Stars !

On November 8 while America was counting its votes meanwhile at same day in midnight India had a sleepless night on as they were busy in counting their notes. It was all because sudden announcement by PM Narendra Modi addressing the nation, he announced that the current Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes will not be legal tenders from November ...

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‘Nation Wants To Know’ Why Arnab Goswmi Resigned From Times Now !


Arnab Goswami’s announcement of his resignation from Times Now stormed the social media and other media institution. During his working tenure, he enjoyed a heavy TRP on his shows like ‘The NewsHour’ and has gained 70% share of the prime time audience of past 8 years. The Prime Time starA�EnglishA�tv news told his editorial team that he will remain on ...

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THE VEERU EFFECT – By Major Gaurav Arya


Pakistana��s schizophrenia and the two-nation theory A� In an iconic scene from the Bollywood classic Sholay, a much inebriated, golden-hearted petty criminal Veeru climbs the village water tank and tells the crowd gathered below that unless he is married off to Basanti, the village beauty, he would jump off the water tank and commit suicide. And if he did, the ...

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Latest Survey Before U.P Election 70% people want Narendra Modi…


Notwithstanding the fact that many political pundits see Modi wave as diminishing, 70 percent still want Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return to power after completing the first five years of his tenure, claims a survey. In a survey conducted by Centre for Media Studies, 70 percent people want Modi to remain as PM till 2024 and 62 percent people ...

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We are losing the battle in Kashmir: Indian Army Commander


SRINAGAR: On a crisp morning Indian troops surrounded a sleepy, riverside village in the disputed mountain region of Kashmir. Intelligence had suggested three anti-India rebels were hiding out in homes set among the willows and poplar trees. As the soldiers prepared to lay siege on a cluster of houses, they were surprised by a barrage of rocks, bricks and abuse ...

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Attackers Take Hostages in Dhaka, Witness says gunmen chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’


A police official has been killed in the gunfire exchange between police and criminals in Dhakaa��s Gulshan diplomatic zone where several including foreigners are being held hostage. The incident, that began around 8:45pm tonight at Holey Artisan Bakery,A�aA�Spanish restaurant, on Road 79, has caused to injuries of at least 30 people including police officials. Around midnight, Banani police Officer-in-Charge Salauddin ...

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