Know About These Instructions Before Visiting Mehendipur Balaji Temple!


  Mehandipur Balaji Mandir, we are all very familiar with its rituals and deities who are worshiped by people across all over India. We are talking about the place located in the Karauli district of Rajasthan where you meet first chief lord or deity of this temple Hanuman ji or Balaji  (meaning venerable boy) along with Pretraj and Bhairav. Basically, ...

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Weak Eyesight – Causes and Remedies


Weak eyesight is becoming a common problem today because of lack of nutrients, unhealthy lifestyle, stressful working conditions as well as increasing pollution. Excessive strain on the eyes weaken eyes muscles and weak eye muscles cause problems in eyesight. Causes Watching TV in excess Computerized work Exposure to harmful pollutants Unhealthy lifestyle leading to problems like constipation, stress, diabetes, excessive ...

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Sanskrit – Great facts about the language


Around 97% of languages in the world are influenced by Sanskrit. Using minimum number of words, a sentence could be said using this language as compared to any other language. It has the highest number of vocabularies. It is an official language of Uttarakhand. It is the best computer friendly language. America has a University dedicated to Sanskrit language and ...

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Why Shouldn’t His Name Be in The Guinness Book Of World Records ??


Advocate Acharya Pandit Shyamji Upadhyay from Varanasi is fighting all his cases using Sanskrit language since the last 38 years. He is tensed about vanishing of India’s most ancient language, that is, Sanskrit. He is giving free of cost Sanskrit education to children in order to preserve and promote the language. In 1978, he started studying Sanskrit and till date ...

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Hindu Teacher Attack Suspect Terrorist Fajullah Fahim killed in ‘Shootout’


The suspect in trying to murder a Madaripur Hindu teacher has been shot dead hours after a court send him on police remand to facilitate interrogation in custody. Faizullah Fahim’s body was brought in at the Madaripur Sadar Hospital on Saturday morning. Police officers at the hospital told reporters that he died during a ‘shootout’ early on Saturday at Bahadurpur ...

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Mookie Betts jerseyAnytime seven fanatics inked nine decide works

Gutierrez hasn’t been the only person. Created and also 5:30, Two Indians blowers looked at one another before the developments in the entrance away from to the left side playing battletheme place. One freakout much had a goat hide a customized"Trump" Puppies jacket. If it comes to nationalized category leadoff batters, Colorado’s Charlie Blackmon status outright underneath the Cardinals’ he ...

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