See How Narendra Modi is being praised by big Bollywood Stars !

On November 8 while America was counting its votes meanwhile at same day in midnight India had a sleepless night on as they were busy in counting their notes. It was all because sudden announcement by PM Narendra Modi addressing the nation, he announced that the current Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes will not be legal tenders from November ...

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These Paranormal Games Are Not For Faint Hearted People!


Have you ever experienced one of these creepy moments which are mention below? if not yet then make yourself ready for that journey which takes you to the another world with the help of some creepy tricks. while reading elevator game you may remind the scene from Ekta Kapoor’s film Ek Thi Dayan provided that if you have seen this movie, ...

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‘Nation Wants To Know’ Why Arnab Goswmi Resigned From Times Now !


Arnab Goswami’s announcement of his resignation from Times Now stormed the social media and other media institution. During his working tenure, he enjoyed a heavy TRP on his shows like ‘The NewsHour’ and has gained 70% share of the prime time audience of past 8 years. The Prime Time star English tv news told his editorial team that he will remain on ...

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Know About These Instructions Before Visiting Mehendipur Balaji Temple!


  Mehandipur Balaji Mandir, we are all very familiar with its rituals and deities who are worshiped by people across all over India. We are talking about the place located in the Karauli district of Rajasthan where you meet first chief lord or deity of this temple Hanuman ji or Balaji  (meaning venerable boy) along with Pretraj and Bhairav. Basically, ...

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HAHAHAH LOL ! Read these most hilarious WHATSAPP Conversation


Directly from WhatsApp ……We came up with most amazing things on the internet. these conversations between husband and wife, girlfriend or her boyfriend, some with strangers  share an epic part of  happiness. The conversations that you see below have been extracted directly from mobile phones, in other words, pranksters were not satisfied with laughing at his victim, they also put ...

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Hiding Money In These Places Of Your Home Will Surely Helps to Increase WEALTH


 Celebrate this Diwali by following these Totkas which helps you to learn increasing money. Sometimes by knowing simple tricks of organizing or placing things at right place bestowed positivity and wealth without going through any hard work. Here’s how you can achieve that. How to keep money correctly in various directions East direction Keep your home money and locker in the East direction ...

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Know What People have been Claimed After Seeing Ashwatthama At Once!


The tale of Ashwatthama’s immortality was begun after  Krishna’s curse, in which he punished  him for his brutal act against innocent children of Pandavas. Lord Krishna cursed him to live longer until the end of kaliyuga with his crucial wounds spread all over his body. Now there are some rumors of his existence start churning even our history has also become ...

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